Russian Dancing

This is what our apartment looks like every Friday night!

From left to right:

  1. Chris Ackerson
  2. Michael Sykes (me!)

(July 6th, 2005) This page is currently the #4 hit on Google for russian dancing, #3 if you search for it as a string! This might sound pretty impressive for a page that has so little to do with Russian Dancing, but it's actually quite a drop in the rankings. A few years ago, and for a very long time, we were the #1 hit! I thought I'd come back and periodically update the page to track how well it does in the rankings. Or maybe I'm just hoping that if I mention russian dancing often enough, it will improve its score (yes, I know that's not exactly how Google works). You know the really odd thing about the photo? I'm wearing pants. I hardly ever wear pants.

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