Generate a Density Plot from Text Data!

The Title of your Plot:

Number of Rows: Number of Columns:

Simply put in the number of rows and columns in your data set.

Threshold Value for Scaling: (Put 0 for MAX)

Typically, values are scaled between 0 and the maximal value in the data set in order to generate the colours in the density plot. In order to look at lower intensities more closely, you can specify an upper threshold above which all data is treated equally. This causes the scaling to be done between 0 and this threshold value.

Pixel Size:

The density plot is a series of squares coloured based on your data. This specifies the size, in pixels, of these squares.

Select the Data File (Text Only) to Upload:

Click Here for some Examples


  1. For some reason, split // wasn't working. For this reason I am using split /\s+/, which means that any leading whitespace in your data file will cause an extra column to be created. Otherwise, space or tab delimited text should be just fine. (Comma delimited or otherwise won't work).
  2. The density plot is created in the form of a PNG image. This seems to work fine under Mozilla 0.9.8 and Internet Explorer 5 (MacOSX), but is not guaranteed to be supported by all browsers. YMMV
  3. Putting a threshold scaling value which is greater than the largest value in your data set will cause all of your data to be essentially shrunk, and reduce the resolution.
  4. Currently only 256 levels of gray are supported. Other colour support may be added soon.