Cats I Love!


Thor kicks ass. You would too, if you were named after a god.


Cora thinks she is just as beautiful as all the other cats here. Do you agree?


Peanut is a real sweetheart, his favourite activities include biting and pouncing!


Okay, we had to leave poor Snowball with his "owners", I just hope he's okay without us!


Don't let the good looks fool you, this cat is a total nightmare!


Frannie's much more relaxed, much cooler and all around way better brother!
Cali seems to have gone to a better place. We mean that literally, he skipped out for a different home, not heaven.


Another nightmare cat, at least Kirsi has calmed down enough so she will actually let you pet her now!

Mr. Ornery

What's in a name? In this case, everything!
R.I.P. :-(


Poor Lucy, saddled with a people name, but she's still a sweetheart!

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