The 3rd Annual 100 157.5 Miles of Nowhere
May 7th, 2010

1st Place - Mike's Garage Borrowed Bike Division

Last Year's Race


"The idea, basically, is to ride an infuriatingly small course for 100 miles, to fight cancer and to show you have no sense at all."

-Fatty (More)


In 2009 my mother was diagnosed with, fought and died from lung cancer. She was one of the lucky ones. I'm raising money because every day young children, parents of young children and people who have barely had a chance at life die of cancer.

I'm doing this because I have to do something. I'm doing this because it's no longer possible to sit on the sidelines. I'm doing this because if enough people do something, we just might save some lives.

Donate Now

Thank you to everyone who donated!

157.5 miles?

I set a goal of raising $1000 dollars this year, and promised if people helped me beat this I would ride more than 100 miles. Including pledged support and donations to the Cross, I had raised $2130 dollars at race time. Additional miles at a mile/$20 seemed reasonable, making for 56.5 additional miles. Then, mid-race, I got an additional $20 donation. In hindsight, I clearly should have set a much higher goal. My buttocks may never recover.


Stage 16:09 AM8:00 AM1h:51m34.4 miles18.6 mph
Break for donuts, to get Muffin ready for "school" and to swap saddles
Stage 29:18 AM10:18 AM1h:00m14.4 miles14.4 mph
Break for Princess' 6 month well child appointment and lunch
Stage 312:19 PM1:05 PM0h:46m11.6 miles15.1 mph
Break to try to convince Princess to stop crying and nap
Stage 41:16 PM2:29 PM1h:13m23.1 miles19.0 mph
Break to change movies
Stage 52:41 PM4:29 PM1h:48m35.2 miles19.6 mph
Break to change movies
Stage 64:43 PM5:29 PM0h:46m14.7 miles19.2 mph
Break for dinner
Stage 75:51 PM6:59 PM1h:08m24.2 miles21.4 mph

Total8h:32m157.6 miles18.5 mph


The Schwag The Setup Seat 1 Seat 2
The Schwag The Setup The First Seat The Second Seat

Food & Drink!

2 Bottles of Carborocket (Raspberry Lemonade)  2 PQ Donuts
1 Bottle of Gatorade (Fruit Punch)1 Clif Bar (White Choc./Macadamia)
3 Bottles of Gatorade (Orange - Thanks Z&B!)1 Pkg Shot Bloks (Red)
Unspecified amounts of Water1 Pkg Shot Roks (Chocolate)
1 Banana
¼ Apple with Peanut Butter
½ Serving of Spicy Katana Noodle


Choosing movies to watch is tough enough under the best of circumstances. Choosing movies for the 100 Miles of Nowhere is even tougher, because I am restricted to the list of movies that J refuses to watch. This is the best I could come up with - notice a theme?

Fast and Furious Transformers 2 War Crank 2
Fast & Furious
(Stage 1)
Transformers 2
(Stages 2,3,4)
(Stage 5)
Crank 2
(Stages 6,7)


  • This year's CarboRocket (raspberry lemonade) was so much better than last year's CarboRocket (lemon lime).
  • Immediately after the "race" I vowed never to do it again. The day after, I am now looking forward to next year already. This is the same phenomenon that allows women to get pregnant and go through labor more than once.
  • The astute amongst you may have noticed I actually rode and extra 0.1 miles. This wasn't me showing off, it was me coasting.
  • I averaged 2.5 mph faster than last year. This doesn't sound like much but it actually saved me 1h:20m! I would have averaged even faster (see Stages 4 → 7), but I had the resistance set too high initially (see Stage 2 & 3). HUGE thanks to Dr. Brent for lending me his road bike with actual gears and making the speed gain possible!
  • I am not experiencing the awful hand/forearm numbness that I did last year, and had weird Achilles issues for only a couple minutes after I woke up, yet I spent 2 more hours on the bike.